Marinator SV-111

Model No.: SV-111 Specifications: Voltage: 220-240V/120V Wattage: 4W Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz Capacity: 6L 8 functions & timer programmed

●    Marinates and tenderizes foods like seafood, meat, chicken, fish, tofu and vegetables to perfection within 15 minutes, instead of hours and days.

●    LED Touchable large display, with 8 functions and timer programmed.

●    The Vacu-Lock Tumbler Tank marinates, infuses & tenderizes meat, poultry, fish & produce, and great for food storage keeping foods fresh up to 5 times longer

●    The built in electric pump process adds taste, texture, and health benefits. Regular foods become gourmet meals using spices, dry rubs and salad dressings .

●    The unit can marinate up to 5 pounds of meat at time, large cuts of meat, whole chickens, racks of ribs, turkey breasts etc.

Easy to use: First, place food in the marinator (you can layer food if you wish). Then create your own marinade and pour it over the food, along with any seasoning. Secure the lid and pump out the air to create a vacuum. This opens the pores of the food, allowing the marinade to penetrate the food and flavor it in mere minutes.

Standard Accessories included:  Marinate Canister (6L)

Optional Accessories: 3L Storage Canister, 1.5L Storage Canister

Packing Information:
Color box(cm): 36.8*29.4*28.8CM
Specification: 3 LAYERS "B"
Carton box(cm): 60.1*38.3*60.1cm
Specification: 5 LAYERS "B"
G.W.    14.0KGS
N.W.    13.0KGS
1X20GP(PCS)    800PCS/200CTNS                            
1X40GP(PCS)    1640PCS/820CTNS                        
1X40HQ(PCS)    1900PCS/950CTNS