Infrared Smokeless Electric BBQ Grill

Infrared Smokeless Electric BBQ Grill

Model No. : CR-04K Specifications: Voltage: 220-240V/120V Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz Wattage: 1500w Pan Diameter: 360mm, Pan automatically rotating Pan material: Heat-Resistant Reinforced Aluminum Die Casting Temp: 80-280℃ Environment Friendly: No odor, smoke, poison, noise

●    Infrared Ray emitted from the top as direct cook heating sources. Anti-bacteria, deodorization, no smoke, no oil splashes.

●    Cooks quickly and evenly on an auto rotating pan while preserving food's nutrients. The bottom pan heats the bottom part of food with radiant heat from the top part, and thus food is evenly cooked without burning.

●    FAST AND EFFICIENT: Rotating grill ensures even cooking & pizza making. It is 50% faster than traditional ovens and uses 75% less energy. Best of all, the food taste even better!

●    MANUAL CONTROL AND SETTING: Two control gears for 750W and 1500W adjust. more save energy . Detachable non-stick grill pan for easy cleaning

●    Anions generated from infrared rays to remove food oxygen and prevent the generation of cancer causing substances.

●    Meat cooked from the inside, the meat juice is kept. The meat texture becomes soft, and tasty, and no oil splashes during the cooking, crispy outside and soft and tender taste of inside of meat.

●    Seafood even fish is not turned over, and the fish inside is cooked well the drying. Even the shells of shrimps can be eaten.

●    Vegetables will not be burned even put on the pan for long time, prevent hazardous substances generated.

●    Also can be used to warm up foods like bread for breakfast.
●    Easy to clean

Standard Accessories Included: Grill Pan, Sleeve
Optional Accessories: Frying Pan, Extender Ring, Tong, Rack, Silicon Ring, Sleeve

Packing Information:
Color box Size: 5 layers "E"       51.7*40.3*33.5cm    
Carton box Size: 5 layers "B"   83.6*53.7*36cm    
pcs/ctn    2pcs/ctns        
G.W.: 10.0kgs    N.W.: 7.5kgs
20'GP: 360pcs/180ctns        
40'GP: 730pcs/365ctns        
40'HQ: 850pcs/425ctns